The curtain rods with grey curtains viewed from the side.

Curtain rods are boring, let's build wooden ones!

I've been looking for nice curtain rods for quite a while. I don't want to see screws. I don't want to see ugly metal parts. I want something that is pretty and unique. As French say, you are never better served than by yourself. So I investigated what hardware I could use and got to design my own.

The first idea was to have a block of wood poping from the wall. To make it less massive though, I slanted the bottom and front part. The hanger look a lot more balanced that way.

On the inside, there is a hole where the rod sits. The rod is cut to size and fits between the two hangers. It is both a nice feature and a limitation. Because the rod was cut I can't reuse it on a wider window or door later; But it also means there is no hardware visible and it looks great.

Outside of the hanger flat and beautiful. Inside of the hanger where the rod is inserted.

The hardest part of the project was to find the hardware. I got some inspiration from Ikea, their Portion curtain rod set has a threaded stud mounted on a plate. In case you didn't know, if an Ikea part as a number in the assembly instruction, you can get them from the Ikea store.

Diagram of Ikea part number from the instructions.

Since Ikea was of no help this time and that buying a full rod just to get the hardware was not really an option, I started looking around. I tried just about every hardware store in Montreal. None of them, even the best ones, had any clue where I could get it. So as a last resort, I turned to the internet and bought something on the great McMaster.

Harware with the rod mounted on the wall. Back view of the hooks where the hardware is inserted.

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