A wooden wall filled with surprises!

Arthur was born couple months ago. His parents are full of imagination and when I first met them, I could sense a world of creativity was boiling inside their head. Can you build a wooden wall? Sure! With a built-in foldable desk? Yes! With a child sized door? Now we're talking!

It might not be obvious from the picture above, so let me put things into perspective:

The desk is designed to close flush to the wall. With a simple push, it pops open... well almost. A folding desk in a child's bedroom sounds like danger to me. I didn't want the desk to drop open for instance. To avoid accidents, a magnet keeps it from falling and the suspension arms resist gravity so after you disengage the magnet, you need to push the desk down to open it. It also means that the desk has a satisfying soft close!

Finally, the top of the wall has couple open cabinets. The central one is designed to welcome a paper roll so that Arthur benefit from an unlimited amount of drawing surface for all of his creativity. The room is so small that even with a wide lense, I couldn't take a satisfying picture. I will have to take my word for it that these cabinet and paper roll exist ;)

A sketch of the design with cabinets hosting a paper roll that drop onto a desk.

It was a fun project and I hope that Arthur will have as much fun using that I had building it. I wish you a beautiful day and feel free to write me if you have questions or a project of your own!

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