Space for rent in a very bright wood shop

Last august, we move in a wonderful 3000sq.ft shop with a lot of natural light and view on the mountain. We've since invested a lot to make it functionnal and now we are looking for a woodworker to share it with us.

The 4 sections of the shop

  1. The shared areas (1600sq.ft) include the machinery room and the kitchen/office
  2. A paint shop (400sq.ft) is managed by a finisher
  3. A workspace (500sq.ft) already used
  4. The workspace for rent of up to 500sq.ft (includes a central air line).

How the shop operates

The equipment

Who are we ?

We are artisans who give a priority to repair and restore furniture when possible. We also enjoy building high end custom furniture and making objects in small quantities.

Interested ?

If you like what you read, send a message to so we can meet!

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