Space for rent in a fully equipped woodshop

Last august, we move in a wonderful 3000sq.ft shop with a lot of natural light and view on the mountain located at 2177 rue Masson. We have 3 stations of roughly 12' x 12' to rent for woodworkers who would want to share that beautiful space.

The shop

A 3D view of the shop with the different sections highlighted in colors


The shared areas, includind the machinery listed below, are available for everyone to use. Any equipment in the private spaces is per definition private. It means that every one should have his own portable tools and equipment.

The shop is accessible 24/7, has a large 16' elevator, 3 loading docks and a container for waste management.


Each private space is rented for 850$/month with a minimum commitment of 12 months.

There are couple extras that are available:


Who are we ?

We are artisans (woodworkes, finishers and upholsterers) who give a priority to repair and restore furniture when possible. We also enjoy building high end custom furniture and making objects in small batches.

Interested ?

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