When something is broken,
don't throw it away...
Let's fix it!

Second Life

It's a calling to fix furniture that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Reusing and repairing are the most efficient ways to reduce waste. It's also an invitation to see the value of what we already own.

I founded Les Gaspilleurs to upcycle furniture. Our mission is to give a second to as many furniture as possible while promoting craftsmanship. You can see somme of the pieces we've worked on:


Every piece of furniture has a story to tell. It was given a soul by its creator. It was built a certain way, finished with a specific care, sometimes modified for a different purpose. It's a pleasant challenge to investigate the life of an object and try to honour the original intent of its creation. When I can look at the piece I've been working with and cannot differentiate my hand from the one of its creator, a profound satisfaction arrises.

Here are some examples of my latest work: a teak console that needed replacement shelves and a structure repair, 100-year old chairs that needed to be tightened, a table slider that needed to be reattached...

Wanna give a second life to your furniture? Contact me