The pleasure of creating to create pleasure.
May it be for your home, business or practice,
I'll create the right object for you.

Wooden curtain rods with invisible hardware.

Curtain Rods

This is my take to a simple object that we rarely pay attention to. I wanted something simple, pretty and unique; that would hide away the hardware. They match really well with the hooks above ;)


A pile of handstand blocks.

Handstand Blocks

Handstand blocks are a big part of a good balancing practice. I build premium handstand blocks for circus artist and yogis. There are 2 models: the Traveler and the Striped.


Body-Oriented Therapy accessories

A bataka with a wooden handle and foam covered with fabric.


Batakas are used as props in body oriented therapies like Core Energetics and Bioenergetics to allow people to move their body and energy in order to increase their capacity to feel blocks in the body.


A roller.

Body Roller

Our foam Roller help enhancing body awareness and facilitates energy flow. Suitable for use in body-oriented and somatic therapies, as well as for personal use at home.


A foam cube in its cover.

Cube cover

These premium fabric covers will improve your encounter foam cube by adding many different handles all around it. It will make it easier to move it, to hold it while someone work or even hold it during exercises.


A foam cube.

Foam cube

This is the actual foam cube that goes inside the cover. The most common dimension is 24" x 31" x 36" but we can also take custom orders.


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