I believe in things that are made with care to last.
That's the kind of attention I like to bring
when creating custom furniture.

Inset white oak shelves.

Inset furniture

Nothing looks better than a piece of furniture that was build to fit perfectly its space and use. Actually, it's sometimes frustrating not to find an existing piece that would work. That's when I come into play as I enjoy the process of co-creating and figuring out how to create the best piece to fill your needs.

Some examples of my latest work include some inset white oak shelves and the matching countertop, a bench following an angled wall, a 12 feet bookshelf running from wall to wall.

A coffee table that transforms into a dining table.

Standalone furniture

I always try to bring together a sense of function and aesthetic when I design and build standalone furniture. It's a very enjoyable process to create unique pieces that suit the personnality and the needs of the person and the space. Bring your inspiration and we will work together to build you your very own piece.

Some of my latest work include a coffee table that transforms into a dining table and a modular cellar system and a 3 section modular tv console on casters.

Behind the scene

In this video I show you my work process making custom shelves and countertop. It is in french but there are subtitles.

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